Friday, March 27, 2015

I Work at a Public Library by Gina Sheridan

I Work at a Public Library by Gina Sheridan, 157 pages

As someone who works in a public library, I can really appreciate Gina Sheridan's stories.  Although, I can see some employees of the public library refraining from reading this, as they experience a lot of these moments on a daily basis.  I think it would be neat if all the patrons would read this book and see what it is really like to stand behind any desk at the public library. What it all boils down to is we are all here to help the patrons.  This book shared some very humorous stories.  I like how Gina had the chapters divided based on the Dewey Decimal System.  Some especially funny tidbits occur on page 41, questionable book titles, for example, The Hungry Games, and page 74 What is "Whiffy?"  Read the book to find out more.  I Work at a Public Library was a very quick and funny read!!

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