Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

Day Shift by Charlaine Harris - 320 pages
Midnight, Texas series Book 2 - Published May 5, 2015

I was fortunate to get an eReader advanced review copy from NetGalley to read this book pre-publication.

Harris continues fleshing out the world of the tiny town of Midnight, Texas and its eccentric residents.  Psychic Manfred Bernardo likes to keep a low profile and does most of his professional work online or over the phone.  A rare in-person working weekend in Dallas leads to murder and stealing accusations that threaten both Manfred and the sanctity of Midnight.  The town is further shaken up by the re-opening of a long derelict hotel by proprietors of unknown purpose.  Harris excels at populating her books with characters with troubled pasts and secret identities that are revealed slowly over time.  I was pleased to see this new series make connections to the characters from the Sookie Stackhouse universe so that world will live on too.

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