Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bo at Iditarod Creek by Kirkpatrick Hill

Bo at Iditarod Creek by Kirkpatrick Hill - 282 pages

Bo, Graf and her papas have moved to a new mining camp at Iditarod Creek.  It's a very different kind of camp.  It's very  modern with electricity and running water.  And it has a dredge that runs continuously that mines the gold.  It's also a town with very few other children.  In fact, there are only two other boys that live in town itself.  But that doesn't stop Bo from growing to love her new town and life.

This book is another year in the life of Bo.  The story seems a little more modern as it is set in a larger town with more amenities.  It also is much more set in a time period.  The Great Depression is alluded to a couple of times.  I really enjoyed spending another year with Bo and her new brother Graf.  I like how Graf's character is slowly starting to open up and reveal more of his characteristics.  I really hope the author continues to write stories of Bo and her family.

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