Monday, March 30, 2015

A Fine Summer's Day by Charles Todd

A Fine Summer's Day: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery by Charles Todd --- 358 pages

Charles Todd is the pseudonym of a mother-and-son writing team that have produced sixteen critically acclaimed historical mysteries about Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge, who returns from the trenches of the Great War suffering from amnesia and severe shell shock - what we now know as post traumatic stress disorder - and desperately tries to reclaim his sanity and previous career at Scotland Yard. In each book Rutledge is set to solve a murder that requires him to confront ghosts from the past that continue to haunt him.

Now in the seventeenth book in the series, the authors have written a prequel, allowing us to see Rutledge when he was young and undamaged in mind and body, filled with hopes for a future with the sweetheart he adored. And all the while he is working to solve a series of seemingly unrelated murders spread across England. The method is similar in each case, but the victims seem to have nothing in common. Only by defying his superior, doggedly following his own instinct,s and ignoring the siren call to arms, does Rutledge finally discover the motive, and thus the identity, of the murderer.

A gift to fans of the series and a wonderful place to start for readers who are meeting Ian Rutledge for the first time.

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Click HERE to visit the author's web site and view a timeline of the series with short descriptions of each book in sequence.

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