Monday, February 9, 2015

If Walls Could Talk by Juliet Blackwell

If Walls Could Talk by Juliet Blackwell - 326 pages
A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery - #1

Melanie Turner is temporarily running her father's home renovation business while he recovers from her mother's death.  Unfortunately, it's been two years and it doesn't look like he'll be ready to take the business back anytime soon.  To make things worse, her latest job has become a nightmare.  The owner, a family friend, has been arrested for killing his business partner on the house.  And the murdered man is haunting Melanie wanting her to find out who killed him and why.

I picked this book up because I liked the author's first book in another series.  So while I was waiting to get the second book in that series I tried this one.  I didn't care for it as much.  It took a lot longer to get interested in the story and then when I was I found that I was much more interested in the side characters rather than the Melanie the main character.  I also found that I was taken out of the story quite a bit by the author's descriptions on how to do renovations and flip a house.  It didn't seem organic to the story but put in to show that the author knew what she was talking about in regards to construction.

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