Monday, February 16, 2015

Death of a Liar by M.C. Beaton

Death of a Liar: A Hamish MacBeth Mystery by M.C. Beaton --- 261 pages

Hamish MacBeth's new case starts when a woman who is known to be a habitual liar cries "wolf" once too often and is found murdered in her home in the remote Highland village of Cromish.

Feeling guilty because he ignored that last call, Hamish is determined to solve the crime, and soon finds circumstantial evidence that appears to link this death with two unpleasant newcomers who disappear abruptly from Hamish's own village of Lochdubh, with a preacher whom Hamish suspects is a clever con artist, and with a lonely old woman convinced the fairies are going to carry her off.  In the process, Hamish's constable Dick Fraser, is induced to move out of the Lochdubh police station with results that surprise and disconcert Hamish. Priscilla and Elspeth, two of Hamish's former flames, make brief appearances, and two new women arrive on the scene, but Hamish's luck in love is famously bad as ever.

Beaton's Hamish MacBeth is a reliably enjoyable cozy mystery mostly for the beauty of the remote Highlands setting and occasional folklore.

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