Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Somebody on This Bus is Going to be Famous by J.B. Cheaney

Somebody on This Bus is Going to be Famous by J.B. Cheaney - 293 pages

They all ride the bus for over an hour a day -- to school and back home.

Shelly is the singer sure she is going to be a huge star.
Bender is the bully with home problems.
Miranda is the girl who will do anything for a friend.
Kaitlynn is girl who talks too much and comes up with plans.
Spencer is the genius who isn't sure he is a genius anymore.
Matthew, the only African-American kids in the subdivision, doesn't care about race at all.
Jay is as football obsessed as his grandfather -- until his grandfather develops dementia.
Igor is the kid who is running from his dad but isn't sure he wants to run anymore.

This is the story of one year as they ride the bus to and from school.  They make and break friendships.  They learn more about themselves.  They also try to solve the mystery of the bus stop where no one ever gets on.

Overall, the book was pretty good.  I liked how each month focused on one child's story.  However, the timing didn't quite work out right.  For example, although Jay's story was told in March, it actually took place over December and January.  I also thought the accident that is the climax of the book was a little too obvious in its effects on the kids.  *** SPOILERS ***  The genius getting a brain injury, the athlete hurting his leg, the singer harming her vocal cords, etc.  *** END SPOILERS *** It's unlikely that the only main injuries that would occur would be the exact injuries that would be most devastating to the one it occurred to.  However, I don't think the target audience of kids would mind as much about that.  I think for kids it is an interesting way to look at themselves and others.

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