Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Paris Winter by Imogen Robertson

The Paris Winter: A Novel by Imogen Robertson --- 360 pages including historical notes

With a background in film and television before she turned to writing, Imogen Robertson is the well-established author of a historical mystery series set in Georgian England featuring Harriet Westerman and Gabriel Crowther.

The Paris Winter is her first "stand alone" novel, but it is also has a historical setting. Devious doings and a dark revenge figure largely in this suspenseful tale set amid the artistic and social ferment of Belle Epoque Paris and the 1910 winter flood that devastated that city.

Inspired by family documents that revealed how her own grandmother and other young English women traveled, studied and worked abroad in the years leading up to the First World War, Robertson continued her usual meticulous research into the period so that her characters' lives continually intersect with real people and events. I particularly enjoyed the strong female characters who do not passively wait to be rescued, but band together to pursue the lives and happiness they desire.

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