Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Books 2014

Blood of Olympus 502 pages by Rick Riordan
 Our heroes are still trying to make a deadline to stop Gaea from destroying the world. More hardships as well as humor are thrown their way and all the heroes must prove what they are made of.

Vampire Knight Vol 14 187 pages Matsuri Hino
Vampire Knight Vol 15 187 pages Matsuri Hino
Vampire Knight Vol 16 187 pages Matsuri Hino
Vampire Knight Vol 17 189 pages Matsuri Hino
Vampire Knight Vol 18 189 pages Matsuri Hino
Vampire Knight Vol 19 191 pages Matsuri Hino
 Okay so this is where the story gets weird and confusing. Kaname wants to end all purebloods lives including his and Yuki's so he starts killing them all. Yuki starts the night class again with some of the old night class and new members. Big battles happen and more confusion ending with Kaname's heart in a furnace to make hunter weapons and Yuki ending up with Zero and two kids.

Shifting Shadows 450 pages Patricia Briggs
 This book has the best of Mercy's world all rolled into one volume. Reader favorites and new, never published before stories.

The D.U.F.F. 277 pages by Kody Keplinger
 This one makes me glad I am done with High School and didn't know anyone like some of the people in this book.

Clariel 382 pages by Garth Nix
 Set six hundred years before "Sabriel" we see upsets in the magical community that flow over to the non-magical. We meet some old friends and discover some new along this new path in an old kingdom.

Apple Turnover Murder 292 pages by Joanne Fluke
 Hannah's old assistant professor is in town as her sister Michelle's advisor and Christmas guest. During the Christmas talent show he turns up dead and get what the dirty rotten womanizer deserves.

Plum Pudding Murder 303 pages by Joanne Fluke
 Crazy Larry is doing dirty business during Christmas in Lake Eden and it's up to Hannah to find out who knew enough to want to kill him.

Devils Food Cake Murder 322 pages by Joanne Fluke
 Rev. Bob and Claire finally get a honeymoon and an old friend comes back to hold the fort down while they are away. when he turns up dead it is up to Hannah to uncover the secrets of why he was killed. Meanwhile Norman goes out of town and comes back with his ex-fiance who drops a bomb on their lives.

Cinnamon Roll Murder 363 pages by Joanne Fluke
 During the Lake Eden jazz festival the Cinnamon Roll Six, the band hired to play, has a horrible wreck. Now Hannah has to figure out if the bus driver was murdered or if it was truly an accident as well as find out who killed the keyboard player in the hospital. We find out Dr. Bev is a lying conniving witch and the whole town pitches in to help break up Norman and Dr. Bev.

Red Velvet Cupcake Murder 323 pages by Joanne Fluke
 The evil Dr. Bev is back in town and engaged to a new man but still hitting on anything she thinks she can manipulate. Not surprisingly she winds up dead and it's up to Hannah to find the killer and clear her own name!

Blackberry Pie Murder 339 pages by Joanne Fluke
 A stranger shows up in town pinned under the bumper of Hannah's cookie truck. Now she needs all the help she can get to figure out who he was and stay out of jail for vehicular homicide.

Poison Study 427 pages by Maria V. Snyder
 One of my favorite series, this is the first book, has everything you could want. Magic, spies, politics, intrigue, and creepy bad guys getting what they deserve.

Magic Study 392 pages by Maria V. Snyder
 Yalena travels to her home to meet her family for the first time since she was kidnapped fourteen years ago. From there she travels to the Citadel to learn how to control her magic and all hell breaks loose as usual when Yalena is around. Murders, mistrust, and uncovering the past run rampant through her life in a country where she is supposed to be free.

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