Monday, December 29, 2014

All I Want for Christmas by Nora Roberts

All I Want for Christmas by Nora Roberts - 150 pages

I was looking for something Christmas-y to listen to and this is what I found.  It is a short romance by Nora Roberts.  Six-year-old twins Zack and Zeke ask Santa to find "the mom" for their Christmas present this year.  They think their dad needs help raising them since they've started school now.  They believe that the new high school music teacher -- Nell Davis -- is the mom that Santa has sent for them.
This was a cute romance.  It was pretty short on character development or plot but that was expected.  The choice of a narrator was a little strange.  It was disconcerting to hear a grown man try to sound like a small boy.  It would have better if he had just read the book straight without trying to add character inflections.

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