Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Revenant by Kat Richardson

The Revenant by Kat Richardson - 464 pages
Greywalker Series (Book 9)

This final book in the series would be pretty incomprehensible as a standalone since there is little explanation of character relationships and Harper's greywalker status.  The plot goes forward at a breakneck speed and helps bring closure to Harper and Quin's fight with his father's evil dark project.  It is disappointing that this final book isn't on the level of the previous.  Parts of this book just read like a travelogue of Portugal.  There is  a lot of description of the country's back story and architectural details of locations that the characters don't really have a realistic way of knowing at that point in the story.  Plus most of the detail given isn't really relative at all to the action of the plot so it just throws the reader out of the story.    

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