Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunshine on Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith

Sunshine on Scotland Street: The New 44 Scotland Street Novel by Alexander McCall Smith --- 297 pages

The eighth book in McCall Smith's gently comic series about the daily adventures of the inhabitants of one small corner of modern Edinburgh.

In this latest installment, Angus Lordie and Domenica Macdonald finally make it to the altar despite several near-disasters along the way. They depart on their honeymoon and leave Angus's dog, Cyril, to the care of young Bertie Pollack. Bertie's delight in having, even if only temporarily, a dog of his own, is threatened by his domineering mother Irene. But, just possibly, Bertie's dad,  Irene's henpecked husband Stuart, might be about to assert himself.

Matthew, Elspeth and their boys become the reluctant stars of a Danish filmmaker's documentary until Matthew introduces Bo to Big Lou. Bo instantly switches his focus to Lou, and a video interview with her goes viral in Denmark. Meanwhile that insufferable egotist Bruce meets his doppelganger and is inveigled into a mad scheme with surprising results.  Angus and Domenica return from their honeymoon. Angus and Cyril are reunited in a scene sure to bring a lump to the throats of dog lovers everywhere, and Angus and Domenica give their first dinner party as a married couple.

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