Friday, September 12, 2014

Personal by Lee Child

Personal: A Jack Reacher Novel  by Lee Child --- 353 pages

A new Jack Reacher novel is always a welcome sight. Lee Child's thriller series is compulsively readable, with a laconic, lone wolf hero ready and able to fight dirty for a good cause.

In this book, the cause is "personal" because Reacher is on the trail of a killer he put away once and this time he intends to put him away once and for all. Reacher knows he's been set up to take a fall, and that makes it even more personal. There's also a girl: smart, strong, but still a little naive; she's along for the ride and Reacher is determined to show her what she needs to know to survive. Because in this world of intrigue, secrets and dirty deals, betrayal comes withe the territory, and you have to learn to trust your own instincts first.

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