Monday, August 25, 2014

The Shadowhand Covenant by Brian Farrey

The Shadowhand Covenant by Brian Farrey - 375 pages
The Vengekeep Prophecies - Book 2

Jaxter Grimmjinx is celebrating his grandmother's retirement when he and his parents are called by the Shadowhand Covenant to help save its members before they all disappear.  While his parents set out immediately to try to contact the last members, Jaxter and an old friend turned enemy are kidnapped by the Sarosans in an attempt to free their imprisoned people.  Now Jaxter and that old friend must put aside their differences to save themselves, their families, and the Sarosans.

This the second book in the trilogy.  I really enjoyed the story.  While there wasn't a lot of connections between the first two stories, I have a feeling that the final book is going to explain what few confusing connections there are.  I'm looking forward to the third book.

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