Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Mighty Miss Malone by Chistopher Paul Curtis, 320 p.

The Malone family is an extraordinary family. Deza (pronounced dEza, NOT dEEza) is too smart for her own good. She wants to be a writer, and with the family she's got, it's no doubt she'll succeed one day. But their family definitely isn't without their struggles. In Gary, Indiana during the depression, Deza's father can't find work no matter how hard he tries. After an incident that changes his life forever, he decides to seek work in Flint, Michigan, where he grew up. Deza, Mother, and her brother, Jimmie decide to try to go to Flint to find him. The struggle to find food, safety, and family is a story not to be missed. The Mighty Miss Malone is a book that is important for anyone of any age to read.

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