Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dust by Patricia Cornwell

Dust by Patricia Cornwell 495 pages
 Published by G. P. Putnam, 2013
 Hardcover, ISBN 978-0399-15757-8
This 21st   book in the Scarpetta series continues the saga of Massachusetts Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta, her FBI profiler husband and a Cambridge detective who previously worked  as Scarpetta investigator. Their interpersonal relationships continue to be an annoyance as they work together investigating several murders. Could these murders be linked to a technological lawsuit, a serial murderer’s activities in D.C., or a 20 year old crime.  As always, there are misleading clues, scientific terminology, and autopsy descriptions to wade through.

Even though this is a series item, enough background is provided that a new reader will not be confused. There are some scientific terms and autopsy descriptions to wade through. 

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