Monday, May 19, 2014

Watchmen by Alan Moore

Watchmen by Alan Moore, 416 pages

Watchmen is a graphic novel that's been around for a while, and has gained a vast amount of popularity since its initial publishing in the 80's.  I was told to read it by an old friend, so I did, and boy oh boy was it good.  I've read a few graphic novels before, but never before reading this one did I feel any kind of attachment to the characters.  I'll admit I yelled at the book more than once towards the end, a feat normally reserved for novels and series on a grand scale, such as "A Song of Ice and Fire," and "The Dark Tower."  Also the story made me think philosophically, and I can go no further than that without ruining the story.

The story, for those who are interested, follows a group of superheroes set in a fictional version of 1980's America where laws prohibit masked superheroes unless sanctioned by the government. With the exception of Dr. Manhattan, all of the heroes are "normal" people who have trained their ability to fight crime.  Aside Dr. Manhattan, with his ability to control and manipulate atomic matter itself, the Watchmen portrays superheroes in a fashion that makes them just believable enough.  And like I said, the ending really makes one think, or at least it did to me.

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