Saturday, May 31, 2014

Undetected by Dee Henderson

Undetected by Dee Henderson - 476 pages

In this novel, Gina Gray is a brilliant scientist who is making discoveries about the ocean to keep her submariner brother, Jeff, safe while at sea.  When her latest set of theories to test take her her brother's naval based in Washington state, she finds more than she bargains for.  Having been unlucky in previous relationships, she suddenly finds two men interested in her.  Mark Bishop, a friend and fellow submarine captain to her brother, first denies his interest in Gina then begins to compete with his competition, Daniel Field, another submariner.  This is one of the two driving story lines to the book.  The other is Gina's discoveries and how they are changing submarine tactics and warfare.

What interested me the most in this book was Gina's discoveries.  While all may not be possible yet, they are interesting to read and think about.  For example, one is using reflections from solar flares to detect where submarines are in the ocean.  For a security standpoint, I think all the science in this book is either older and declassified or is made up, but theoretically possible sometime in the future.

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