Saturday, May 17, 2014

Miracle at St. Anna by Jame McBride

Miracle at St. Anna by Jame McBride - 271 pages

While I remember watching and enjoying the movie this book was turned into (2008), I was not impressed with the book.  This novel tells the story of four Buffalo soldiers in World War II who find themselves trapped behind enemy lines in the Italian mountains.  One, Sam Train, tries to save the life of a injured young Italian boy by bringing the boy along with them (figuring when they found their back to HQ there would be medical care).  Eventually, they find themselves hiding in an Italian village.  Also going on concurrently, is the search to find the missing men, the story of a partisan, the stories of the people in the village, and the story of a massacre at the St. Anna church.  While the descriptions are elegantly written, the back and forth of all the story lines plus extra added "fluff" with no relevance to the story is rampant and just killed the experience to read this book. If this book wasn't for this month's theme, I would not have finished it.

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