Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The History Of The Library by Barbara A. Somervill

The History of the Library by Barbara A. Somervill, 32 pages

Scott and Dan are going on a scavenger hunt in the library.  5000 years ago there were no books.  Early libraries collected public information. Around 530 B.C., Greeks developed libraries for people to read and do research. Probably, one of the most famous libraries was the great Alexandria Library.  Around 47 B.C., Caesar burnt that library.  The Chinese get the credit for inventing paper and and printing around 730.  In the middle ages, private libraries became popular.  In 1731, Ben Franklin, founded a lending library.  In 1800, the Library of Congress was started.  In 1876, the country saw free public libraries.  In 1876, Melvil Dewey introduced the Dewey Decimal Classification System.  Nowadays, the future of the library is moving towards technology.  Are we ready for the library of the future?

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