Thursday, April 24, 2014

Read All About It! by Laura and Jenna Bush

Read All About It! by Laura and Jenna Bush, 30 pages

Both Laura and Jenna Bush are former teachers.  Laura Bush joined the Library of Congress in 2001 and began the first National Book Festival in Washington DC.  I loved this book.  The book inspires children to read.  In this book, Tyrone is a young boy who really does not enjoy books. Miss. Libro, his teacher, tries to tell him libraries are wonderful places.  She tells him you never know who you will meet in a book.  But, one day, something happens. Miss. Libro reads a book about an astronaut and Tyrone likes it. The characters start appearing in the classroom.  Then in the spring, Miss. Libro starts reading a book about a pig.  When she finishes the book, the pig disappears.  Until, one day, Tyrone visits the library and finds all the characters that were in the books that Miss. Libro read.

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