Sunday, April 13, 2014

Peacemaker by C.J. Cherryh

Peacemaker: A Foreigner Novel by C.J. Cherryh --- 375 pages

In the fifteenth novel in Cherryh's epic Foreigner Series the story arc covering the coup that temporarily overthrew Tabini-aiji and put at risk the stability of the entire world of atevi and humans is finally brought to a conclusion.

Cajeiri, Tabini's son, is about to celebrate his fortunate ninth birthday. The festivity includes a long-awaited reunion with the three human children he befriended during his sojourn on the starship Phoenix, and a national holiday in honor of Cajeiri's formal investiture as heir to the aishidi'tat.

But Bren Cameron, the human paidhi who serves the aiji, along with the aiji-dowager Illisidi, Cajeiri's formidable great-grandmother, and their loyal security, have discovered that an agent entrenched in the highest echelons of the Assassin's Guild has been working for decades to destabilize the alliance between the atevi, the humans on Mospheira, and the humans of the starship. Even worse, this agent is a blood relation of Cajeiri's mother Damiri, the aiji-consort, and is fomenting distrust between Cajeiri's mother and father in order to undermine the political alliances that depend on their union.

The Assassin's Guild, which functions as the judicial system, law enforcement and personal security for atevi society, is in the hands of a person who is hostile to humans and the human-friendly and technology-friendly administration of Tabini-aiji; a person who would like to eradicate human influence and humans from the atevi world. This person resides inside the Assassin's Guild headquarters in Shejidan, the most secure fortress on the planet. Now Bren and his aishid --- Banichi and Jago, Tano and Algini --- must lead a strike force into the Assassin's Guild to take down the enemy before he can attack again. The future of the world and the lives of everyone who matters to Bren all hang in the balance.

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