Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Navy Baby by Debbie Macomber

Navy Baby by Debbie Macomber - 298 pages

Navy Baby  focuses one what happens when a sailor is on leave, meets a girl, and a pregnancy occurs.  Hannah Raymond is reeling after the tragic loss of her fiancee when she literally runs into seaman Riley Murdock.  After he helps her out of a bind, they share a drink, and end up renting a hotel room.  And that is just the first chapter.  After months of attempting to deny what happened, Hannah tells her father and he tracks Riley down and more or less forces them to marry.  The rest of the novel deals with the ups and downs of Hannah and Riley getting to know each other and adjusting to married life as well as the pending birth of their child.

I think Macomber did a good job showing the contrasts between Hannah and Riley's personalities and how they eventually find some common ground.  However, when compared to some of the other stories in the series, I find this one lackluster.  The characters just lack the dynamics that draw one fully into the story.  Plus it seems it was too easy for George Raymond, Hannah's father, to track Riley down when all they had was a name and branch of service in a pre-tech heavy era (the story is originally from 1991).

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