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Multiple Books

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Of all these books, the best for teaching children about how to use the library, treat library library material, and use online library resources are the Amanda StJohn series.  The most fun to read was Wild About Books.

The Librarian from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler - 32 pages

 A class is going on their first visit to the library and they have heard nothing but bad things about the room.  After much fretting, will they find it a different place?

Arthur Writes a Story by Marc Brown -32 pages

Arthur is given as assignment to write a story and he chooses to write about elephants.  After talking his idea over with friends, he visits the library and conduct more in-depth research.  However, in the end, after his presentation on elephants fails, Arthur goes back to his original story about how he got his dog.

Read All About It! by Laura and Jenna Bush - 32 pages

With one co-author as a former librarian, the importance of libraries is stressed.  At first, Tyrone doesn't like to read, but story times change that after a book on space exploration was read.  he grew to like books and more topics began to interest him and his imagination came alive.

Wild About Books by Judy Sierra - 40 pages

This book tells the tale of what happens when the bookmobile accidentally visits the zoo and the librarian conducts story time.  The animals slowly come out to hear her, then all stampede.  They grow to love reading, locate books and reading places they like, and a zoobrary is established.

How a Library Works by Amanda StJohn - 24 pages

Stew Rabbit visits the library for the first time and fellow visitor, Opal Owl, shows him how a library works, including the self-checkout station.  The book also explains how the Dewey Decimal system works,why books are shelved the way they are, and the wealth of items a library offers for checkout. Excellent overview.

How to Find Information Online by Amanda StJohn - 24 pages

Stew Rabbit and Opal Owl find a turtle and want to learn more.  They visit their local library where the librarian shows then how to find and evaluation online information.  She also demonstrates relevant types of sources, like encyclopedias and databases.

How to Check Out a Book  by Amanda StJohn - 24 pages

Stew Rabbit and Opal Owl attend story time and Stew wants to check out the book that was just read.  This leads him on an odyssey where he learns what one has to do in order to check out a book.  It begins with asking his dad to apply for his library card and ends with Stew's first use of a self-checkout machine with every step in between, including an explanation about how barcodes work and how fins can be incurred.

How an e-Book Works by Amanda StJohn - 24 pages

Stew Rabbit and Opal Owl are inthe children's room of the library with Opal's e-reader.  Stew had never used one before, so Opal shows him how.  They begin with looking at the catalog for a book to download, find one, then discuss the various file formats and how different readers use different ones. After it is checked out, Opal shows him how to sync the book from the computer and they read it.  Lastly, they discuss how the books expire and remove themselves from the  device.

How to Find a Book  by Amanda StJohn - 24 pages

When Stew Rabbit and Opal Owl visit the library, they picked out all their favorites to reread.  At the insistence of Stew's dad, they look for something new.  Mrs. Mantis, the children's librarian, asks them about if there was something they wished to learn about and then shows them how to use the online catalog, including interpreting the record.

How to Treat a Book  by Amanda StJohn - 24 pages

Opal Owl and Stew Rabbit want to check out a new book, but are afraid of ruining it.  They discuss ways a book should be handled to minimize damage.  Also covered as the various parts of books (ex. spine, pages) and what happens if a book does become damages, including fines and repairs.

The Lonely Library by Kristin Ostby - 32 pages

Franny's grandfather works in a shoe repair shop and she often visits with him there.  One day, a librarian brought in her shoes to be repaired and Franny tries them on.  As Franny loves to read, her imagination soon whisks her away to a very large library.  There, she encounters Henry the Mouse who claims to love book more than anyone and Sally the library cat.  They all work together to find a book and Franny teaches Henry and Sally a valuable lesson on friendship.

Check It Out!: Reading, Finding, Helping by Patricia Hubbell - 32 pages

In this rhyming book, the librarian loves books and demonstrates this love to the children she serves.  It also demonstrates the various types of books found in libraries and other librarian duties, such as planning programs; ordering material; and repairing books.

Check It Out! The Book About Libraries by Gail Gibbons - 32 pages

This book provides a dated overview of libraries.  While many of the services are the same today, the technologies are different-this still demonstrates card catalogs and signature cards instead of computer-based catalogs and circulation.  However, kudos for this being the first library-themed children's book to mention libraries are funded by taxes.

Please Bury Me in the Library by Patrick Lewis - 32 pages

In this book of book-themed poems, we see a love of books and some interesting word-play.  the title poem was the only one to directly feature a library, but all embodied the spirit of libraries.

The Library Dragon by Carmen Agra Deedy - 32 pages

In this book, Lotta Scales is a dragon and the school librarian.  She guards the books form harm, but unfortunately, she does so in a way that turns users away from the library.  Then one day, Molly comes in looking for her missing glass and break a rule by pulling a book of the shelf.  She starts reading aloud and something changes. Will it be for the better?

Return of the Library Dragon  by Carmen Agra Deedy - 32 pages

Miss Lottie is retiring.  On her last day of work, she comes into school and discovers all the books have been removed and an IT guy is setting up a media lab.  She returns to her old self from 20 years back-Lotta Scales.  What will happen?

There's a Dragon in the Library by Dianne de Las Casas - 32 pages

Max visits the library each week.  On the first week, a dragon hatches from an egg.  With each visit, the dragon continues to grow, helped by the fact he east the books.  Max can never get anyone to believe him.  What will happen?

Library Mouse: World to Explore by Daniel Kirk - 32 pages

Sam is a mouse who lives in the library.  he loves to research and read.  One day he encounters Sara, a mouse who lives on the  other side of the library.  She loves to explore.  They then explore the library, looking at and playing with items representing places and travel methods with some research en route.  How much of an adventure will they have in the library?

Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure by Daniel Kirk - 32 pages

Sam and Sarah are mice who live in the library.  One night, Sarah decides they need an adventure and head over to the museum next door.  There they make note of the many things they view which they first read about in books.  However, their presence does not go unnoticed.  Who will they encounter and how will it affect them?

Can I Bring Woolly to the Library Ms. Reeder? by Lois G. Grambling - 32 pages

I think children will enjoy this book about a boy who wants to bring his woolly mammoth with him to the library.  He comes up with all sorts of ways Woolly can help, from checking books in and out to having children read to him.  And the illustrations easily make one smile and want to laugh--it's like a comic strip in that way.

Going to the Library by Rebecca Rissman - 24 pages

Basic book on visiting the library during the school day.  Feature photographs and extra large print.

I.Q.Goes to the Library by Mary Ann Fraser - 32 pages

I.Q. is a class' pet mouse and visits the library with them every day during library week.  While there, he hunts for the book that was read aloud the first day.  This leads to a lot of exploring what a library offers.  Over all, a cute book and the teacher is Mrs. Furber.  Any librarians out there get the joke?

When the Library Lights Go Out by Megan McDonald and Katherine Tillotson - 40 pages

Two puppets, Rabbit and Lion, escape from there box to search for their missing friend, Hermit Crab, another puppet.  There search takes them all over the library.  Will they find Hermit Crab?

Dear Dragon Goes to the Library by Margaret Hillert - 32 pages

A boy needs to visit the library and return his books.  He takes his pet dragon with him.  Once there, besides returning and getting new books, they attend story time, doe some arts and crafts, and explore the library.  This beginning to read book featured large font, repeatable books that are simple for children just learning to read.

Librarian on the Roof! by M.G. King - 32 pages

This is a true story of the extraordinary measure on librarian took to raise money to establish a children's section in her library.  RoseAleta went up on the roof and refused to come down until the money was raised.  I don't think I could do that!

Anna the Bookbinder by Andrea Cheng - 32 pages

Anna's father is a bookbinder and she often spends her days in his shop as he binds books for both individuals and libraries.  They are worried about the increase use of mass printing facilities, as most libraries now use them instead.  When Anna's mother is giving birth while an important order must be completed, Anna takes over her father's job.  Will she succeed?

The History of the Library by Barbara A. Somervill - 32 pages

This book traces the history of libraries from Ancient Sumeria to the modern era.  Using a timeline format, we see the changes from cuneiform to papyrus to scrolls to codices to e-books.  Some neat trivia: Ancient Greeks had the first truly public libraries and the library at Alexandria was organized by topic.  Also discussed were famous libraries, how manuscripts were made and copied, the evolution of printing, and the future of libraries, including digital media.  This book provides a good overview for children.

I Want to Be a Librarian by Dan Liebman - 22 pages

This dated book informs it's readers librarian like books and helping others, which while true, lacks the digital aspects.  Also, the photos are clearly from the 1990s.  The majority of the book details the typical librarian duties.

Read It, Don't Eat It! by Ian Schoenherr - 32 pages

This book presents a fun way to learn how to treat books.  It features comical images and large type to accompany each book care and library book-related rules (such as renewing books).

I'm Not Reading by Jonathan Allen - 32 pages

In this book, Baby Owl pans to sit quietly and read his favorite book.  However, the chicks notice and come to him.  An impromptu story time follows.  Hilarity will ensue and more and more chicks join the fun.

A Book for Black-Eyed Susan by Judy Young - 32 pages

Cora and her family leave Missouri for Oregon via the Oregon Trail.  Tragedy strikes along the way when her mother dies giving birth.  Instead of ten-year old Cora caring for her sister, the job is given to her Aunt Alma but Cora helps as much as possible.  She also works many quilt blocks.  But as they get nearer to Oregon, Cora's father informs her that he plans to help her aunt and uncle raise baby Susan.  Cora makes the block into Susan's first book.  Later in her new role as a teacher, Cora must build a library for her school.  And unexpected donation touches her soul.

I loved how heart-touching this book was and the historical elements are very accurate.

Total: 31 books in this post.

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