Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mr. Wuffles! by David Weisner

Mr. Wuffles! By David Weisner, 32 pages

Let me start off by stating for the record that I am indeed an adult.

Yes, this is a kids book.  It's about a cat who doesn't enjoy any of his a cat.  Until one day, he discovers one of his toys is an alien space craft, but in typical cat fashion only cares because something inside it is moving and living.  The book offers no purpose for the aliens being on Earth (unless you speak fluent alien), but one can surmise their objective to be conquest, as they have a flag.  Their mystery mission is cut short however by Mr. Wuffles for being a cat.  In the end, the aliens do escape, via alien ingenuity and with the help of some local insects.

Oh yeah, and this entire story was for the most part wordless, again, unless you speak alien.  Those little suckers were quite the talkers I imagine.

Generally, I really enjoyed this book.  Sometimes its refreshing to chill out and read a picture book, especially when cats and aliens are involved.

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