Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood In The Library by Michael Dahl

Blood In The Library by Michael Dahl, 63 pages

Blood In The Library was the very first book I read in the Return to the Library of Doom and the Library of Doom Series.  I choose this book because I thought how often do you see a book about libraries dripping with blood.  I must say I really did not understand these books at first.  I had to read most of the books in the series over and over.  These are juvenile books, but they are kind of more like horror books and kind of creepy.  Blood in the Library begins with a young man, Alonso, getting a paper cut from a book in the Library of Doom.  Archivists guard the books.  They believe the Librarian might be dead. They fear the Eraser is inside.  The Eraser wants to destroy the books.  Alonso jumps through a book and the bleeding stops.  The Eraser says the Librarian died from a paper cut.  The Eraser disappears.  Alonso turns out to be the Librarian.  My favorite line of the whole book is never judge a book by its cover!

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