Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Above All Earthly Powers by Jack Cavanaugh

Above All Earthly Powers by Jack Cavanaugh - 380 pages

This is the final book in the Songs in the Night trilogy.  Instead of being set during World War II, it follows the characters through the communist occupation of East Berlin, mainly after the Berlin Wall goes up.  Shockingly, within the first few chapters two characters thought dead from the earlier books reappear.  The majority of the book follows the story of how the Mady and Elyse Schumacher, Lisette Jensen, Konrad Reichmann, and the kids known as the Hadamar Six attempt to leave East Berlin post-1961.  They are helped by a character introduced in the last book, Colonel Matthew Parker, USAAF, ret.  He came up with a scheme along with Konrad and Tomcat to get everyone out, but I won't say how and spoil the story.

In all, a good book and it was nice to see how the character's lives turned out.  However, I think the escape method used for the first five escapees was a bit far-fetched--I don't think it could have happened in real life.  The method used by the last group, though, is a east-to-west classic.

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