Friday, February 21, 2014

One Last Look by Phillip Kaplan and Rex Alan Smith

One Last Look: Sentimental Journey to the Eighth Air Force Heavy Bomber Bases of World War II in England by Phillip Kaplan and Rex Alan Smith - 216 pages

Packed with then and "now" (now being 1983, not 2014) photos, reminiscences, and basics about World War II's bomber pilot crews' lives, this made for an informative read.  This book filled the gap in literature on how pilots spent their time on the ground, but I still wished it had more detail.  I also liked how packed with the "then" photos of life on base.  I was less thrilled with the "now" photos as it showed the same locations in disrepair (and the photographs were noticeable grainy compared to the 1940s era ones).

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