Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Death Trade by Jack Higgins

The Death Trade by Jack Higgins - 336 pages

This is the 20th book in the Sean Dillon series and age is starting to show.  Dillon is a secondary character acting as support for Sara Gideon who has been coming to the forefront in the last few books.  I do give Higgins props for actually aging Dillon instead of keeping him in perpetual stasis as time marches on for the rest of the narrative like some authors.  In this book Simon Husseini, a prominent nuclear medicine researcher, has had his work twisted to further the nuclear weapons program for Iran.  Husseini is attempting to end his association with Iran who is holding his family hostage for his cooperation.  Dillon, Gideon and crew from the British secret spy network get embroiled through a series of barely credible coincidences and James Bond like moments.  I read this book to the end out of loyalty the the franchise but I think I'm ready to declare this series done for me.

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