Monday, January 20, 2014

Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon (v 1), by Matt Fraction

Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon (v 1), by Matt Fraction, 136 pages

This has been touted as the hit comic book of 2013, so I felt the need to read it.  Firstly, I don't know anything about Hawkeye- but you don't really have to in order to read this and understand.  He is the Avenger without any real superpowers, just really good aim with trick arrows- but this work is about him as a solo act (mostly).  He also pals around with Kate Bishop, who was also Hawkeye at one point, and which I personally feel is pretty awesome.  There is alot of humor in these stories, but also a fair amount of heart.  No real back-story knowledge required.

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