Thursday, January 2, 2014

Charming by Elliott James

Charming: Pax Arcana #1 by Elliott James --- 377 pages

John Charming is the last of a long line of knights sworn to uphold the Pax Arcana that protects the human world from the terror of the supernatural. He's also an outlaw, hunted by the very men he once called brothers, condemned for the taint of werewolf he carries in his blood, the legacy of his parents' tragic fate. And he's equally at home with chain mail and swords, or Kevlar and high velocity assualt weapons.

Currently he's working under an assumed identity as a bar tender in a small town in Virginia, keeping a low profile, trying to shake off his pursuers. Good luck on that. Until one night a gorgeous blonde Valkyrie walks into the bar, on the trail of a vampire hive. . . and all hell breaks loose.

Clearly, this is not your grandma's fairy tale Prince Charming saving a maiden in distress.You can pick up some necessary back story on John Charming from James' previously published short fiction: Charmed, I'm Sure; Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls; Pushing Luck; and Surreal Estate (all available from Elliott James is a new author on the paranormal romance/urban fantasy scene. A second Pax Arcana novel is in the works.  

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