Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Last Days of American Crime, by Rick Remender

The Last Days of American Crime, by Rick Remender, 168 pages

In the (not so distant) future, the American government has decided not only to phase out cash money in lieu of plastic cards, thus making all transactions traceable, but they are also going to broadcast radio waves that will render Americans incapable of committing acts that they know are illegal.  This means that our 'hero,' Graham, only has 2 weeks to commit the perfect- and last- crime.

Once again, this is a very good example of 'just because there are pictures does not mean this book is for children.'  At all.  I enjoyed this- it was dark, gritty, and definitely in the vein of noir crime novels.  I consider the main character to be an homage to Sin City's Marv, but I could be wrong.  Expect the same level of violence, etc.

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