Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Burning Sky by Lori Benton

Burning Sky by Lori Benton -- 416 pages

Willa Obenchain was kidnapped by the Mohawk tribe at a young age and given the name Burning Sky. But after she has her Mohawk family, she has come back to the English--only to find her family gone and their house empty. She also finds a wounded Scotsman, whom she feels she must help.

Now, with her Mohawk family, and her English family gone, she is struggling to find her home, while God is working, even through her hard walls of protection, to provide her with another family.

This starts off a bit confusing, but eventually explains everything. I enjoyed it.

Burning Sky won the Christy Award in 2014.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dangerous by Amanda Quick

Dangerous by Amanda Quick - 352 pages

Prudence Merryweather has the unusual hobby of investigating spectral phenomena.  Sebastian, Earl of Angelstone, has the even more unusual hobby of anonymously investigating crimes for Bow Street.  Now their two hobbies are meeting up in an investigation of a suicide at a country estate where is rumored that a ghost of a young woman is haunting.  Was it a suicide?  Is there really a ghost?  And who is behind the scheme to frame Angelstone's cousin for murder?
I listened to this book on audio.  I am wondering if I had read a condensed version of this book before.  Elements of the story were very, very familiar.  However, there were large portions of the story I had never heard before.  I did enjoy the story.  I would almost consider it more of a mystery than a romance.  The only problem I had is that the last CD was scratched and I was unable to listen to the final five minutes of the book.  As it was mainly the epilogue it wasn't too big of a deal.  I just wish I could have heard it to complete the story.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Finding Beth by Lisa Tapp

Finding Beth by Lisa Tapp 292 pages

Standing on the banks of the James River, Rosetta listens to an impossible story from an impossible source. Ghosts aren’t real. Everyone knows that. And she’s not some psychic weirdo. But the ethereal voice persists, and one by one she discovers historical proof to support his existence and his claims. All he wants, he says, is to find his wife. They were separated by death four hundred years ago. Buried apart. He cannot stand the thought that his wife would spend eternity believing he abandoned her.
Abandonment is a bitter and personal ache in Ro’s life. Four years ago her father walked out, never to be heard from again. Now she’s willing to do anything to erase that pain for someone else. But in Jamestown, Virginia, where archeologists have been unearthing mysteries for decades, how can a sixteen-year-old hope to find what trained professionals have not?
Without revealing her source, Ro seeks help from her crush, Cade. An up-and-coming archeologist, Cade’s assistance is invaluable. But as she learns more about her ghost and his past, Ro uncovers secrets that if revealed could tear the ancient lovers apart forever. Yet her silence will be seen by Cade as a betrayal.

Siren's Song by Heather McCollum

Siren's Song by Heather McCollum 359 pages

Jule Welsh can sing. She enthralls people with her bel canto voice. But it takes more than practice to reach her level of exquisite song; it takes siren's blood running through her veins. Jule is starting her senior year at Cougar Creek High when her relatively normal world begins to resemble a roller coaster flying through a carnival scare house. Her mother is diagnosed as insane and committed, a psycho-stalker is snapping pictures of her to put into his homemade Jule-shrine, her voice is suddenly putting people into comatose trances, oh and the gorgeous new guy in town, Luke Whitmore, is interested in her . . . but also wants to kill her.

Royal by Anthea Sharp

Royal by Anthea Sharp  229 pages

Rich-boy gamer Royal Lassiter lives on easy mode - until everything falls apart. Dark faeries are plotting to invade the mortal world, his controlling mom has turned home into enemy territory, and he can't deny his irresistible attraction to newcomer Brea, despite the danger lurking in her mysterious eyes.
Forced to undertake a perilous mission for the Dark Queen of Faerie, Brea Cairgead finds living among humans and hiding her true nature as one of the fey folk a fearsome challenge - especially when her emotions prove all too vulnerable to a certain human boy. Torn between impossible loyalties, she must serve her queen... though it may cost her heart.

Ms. Rapscott's Girls by Elise Primavera

Ms. Rapscott's Girls by Elise Primavera - 265 pages

Ms. Rapscott's runs a school for girls of busy parents.  These girls do not know how to live or survive in the world as their parents are too busy to teach them anything.  Ms. Rapscott is going to fix that.  Unfortunately, one of the girls got lost on her way to the school and they have to find her before they can finish their term.
I thought the idea behind this book was very interesting.  The girls were all very distinct personalities even though they were stereotypes.  I think my main issue with the book was that the girls personalities changed very quickly and between chapters so it was a little abrupt.

I Think I Am in Friend-Love With You by Yumi Sakugawa

I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You by Yumi Sakugawa - 128 pages

This book was one of the top ten graphic novels for teens by ALA.  I thought it sounded interesting and wanted to read it.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed.  It is not actually a graphic novel but more of a picture book for adults.  It is a letter written by one monster to another who he wants to be best friends with.  It was a little too "sweet" for me.