Saturday, June 25, 2016

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling-870 pages

This is the longest book in the serious, so it took me a bit longer to read, but it was well worth it. Harry Potter is my favorite book series now and, as I have said previously, I wish I had read it before now. I can't recount everything here since the book is so long, but I will say that Harry does get answers to some of his burning questions and is left with more questions. Adventures abound for Harry, Ron, and Hermione in their fifth year and Harry almost gets expelled from Hogwarts before even starting his fifth year. O.W.L.'s. are taken as part of the usual fifth year experience. Sad events happen in the course of Harry finding some answers. Overall, this book was filled with more darkness and teen angst that the first four, but it was still a captivating page-turner and I cannot wait to finish the series!

Father's Day Murder by Leslie Meier

Father's Day Murder by Leslie Meier, 234 pages

Father's Day Murder is the tenth book in the Lucy Stone mystery series.  Lucy Stone is a reporter with the Pennysaver Newspaper in Tinker's Cove, Maine and is an amateur sleuth on the side.  In this timely mystery, read to coincide with the June holiday, Lucy is sent to a newspaper convention in Boston, MA to better herself as a reporter.  Unfortunately, when a bigwig editor is killed, Lucy chooses to miss her workshops in favor of finding out of who killed Luther Read.  Mostly, Lucy has to prove Luther's son did not commit the crime.  The identity of the real murderer is a shocker.  But the big question is, will Lucy make it home in time for Father's Day?

The Missing Kennedy by Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff

The Missing Kennedy by Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff, 260 pages

The Missing Kennedy is a fascinating book about the eldest daughter of Rose and Joseph Kennedy.  From a young age, Rosemary Kennedy displayed signs of emotional and behavioral problems.  At the age of 23, Joseph Kennedy had a lobotomy performed on Rosemary, unbeknownst to Rosemary.  Joseph then had Rosemary sent to a Catholic-run home for the mentally disabled in rural Wisconsin.  This book is written by the niece of the Sister, Sister Paulus,  who cared for Rosemary during most of her adult life.  What is fascinating about this book is that it outlines Rosemary's relationship with her siblings, especially JFK, and her relationship with the Kennedy family after the death of Joseph Kennedy.  It also describes how Eunice Shriver started the Special Olympics.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Dangerous by Amanda Quick

Dangerous by Amanda Quick - 338 pages

Prudence knows it is dangerous for a lady to visit a gentleman in the middle of the night, but she is desperate to avoid the duel between Sebastian and her brother.  Unfortunately, this is just the first of many dangerous situations she will find herself and Sebastian in.

I really enjoyed this historical romance by Amanda Quick.  It was quick and funny to read.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo - 416 pages
Book 1 in the Grisha Trilogy

This is the first book in an epic fantasy trilogy set in a world that is Russia adjacent but firmly in a land of monsters and magic.  Alina is a war orphan that has been raised with her best friend Mal in the empty mansion of an absent Duke.  They are both drafted into the army to protect the homeland from both invaders and the invasive darkness of The Fold.  Alina discovers truths about herself that change everything and force her to examine her true place in the world.  The book is slow to get going with all the world building in the beginning but it's worth it to keep going.  Fans of Harry Potter will like this one for its reluctant heroine forced into a magical destiny that she doesn't want but can't avoid.

Rogue by Gina Damico

Rogue by Gina Damico - 336 pages
Book 3 in the Croak Series

Lex is an out of control teen Grim Reaper with a semi-dead boyfriend and an Afterlife to save from permanent destruction.  This entry finishes the series and is full of non-stop action and snark.  Definitely recommend this as a fun, fast series to read if you like paranormal teen fiction with dark humor.

Scorch by Gina Damico

Scorch by Gina Damico - 352 pages
Book 2 in the Croak series.

16 year old Lex Bartleby is a grim reaper with the very rare power to damn souls, no afterlife for them!  Lex is fighting her own personal dark side in addition to trying to stay one step ahead of people trying to kill her and her gang of friends as rebels.  They escape out of Croak to DeMyse in the desert and try to find friends to support their cause.  The characters are fun and the humor is dark.  If you liked the tv show Dead Like Me, then this series is for you.